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~Young Marine~

Gunnery Sergeant Andrea Ardila

I was in the Young Marines from 1996-1999. As an eighth grader I never thought this would be such a life changing experience. From day one I gave it my all as a Young marine recruit. It paid off when I earned the title of Honor Grad for my platoon. Through out my four years as a Young Marine I worked hard to earn the respect of my subordinates. I began to develop leadership skills and self confidence. I was on Color Guard, Drill Team, Super team, attended NCO leadership school, several encampments and an unforgettable trip to Parris Island. I was the first female to reach the rank of Staff Sergeant and Gunny in my unit. Now I am anxiously awaiting my ship date in August 2001. I made the decision to follow my dreams and become a Marine. But remember that the experience is only as good as you make it. Semper Fi!
Retired Gunnery Sergeant Andrea Ardila