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~Young Marine~
Captain Robert Moriarty

I served in the Chosan Young Marines in California. I was a Young Marine from 1984 till 1990. I served in the United States Marines from 1990 till 1994. I served in combat as a Marine in Desert Sheild and Desert Storm in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. I am presently a Graphic Designer in the city of Whittier California. I am engaged to be married and becoming the Step father of a 5 year old girl and 2 year old boy. I will be moving to Bakersfield Ca. and purchase a home there during this summer.
Thanks again for your inquiry...and I will send you that bio shortly.
Good luck to you Semper Fidelis
Robert Moriarty

Im in that picture with John Garcia. Bottom row kneeling. Im also in the picture of the 1987 NCO School as a 2nd Lieutenant. Im just to the right of John Garcia...we were assigned as instructors for that school as El Toro MCAS. Justin Gamble was not in my OCS Class. Because only a few of us got our commissions. Im almost sure he was in the class after us. I did see him become a 2ndLt. but I was already a Capt. at that time. He actually moved to virginia for a short time... he served as a colonel over there. I also enjoyed seeing Sgt.Maj Corneil being on that list. I was his Adult drill instructor when he was a young marine recruit. Now that was a hard core Young Marine...he earned my respect. But the young marine you might want to talk to is Danny Faustino. He was my boss in the Young Marines. He retired as a Major from my unit in 1988. He was the National Young Marine of the Year in 1983. I looked up to him so much....everyone did. Before Colonel Gamble, Major Faustino was the Senior ranking Young Marine in the nation. I took that honor after him and Col. Gamble did it after me. If you could get in touch with him...that would be some young marine history. Thanks for your hard work.
Thanks and Semper Fi
Robert Moriarty

OCS CLASS 12-1986

Borrowed from the Website for Young Marines Guestbook

Hello Young Marines. I'm a retired Young Marine from 1990 and a former Marine (Camp Lejeune E Battery 2ndBn 10th Marines 2nd Mar Div). I retired from the YM's as a Young Marine Captain and went to MCRD to become a Marine. Back then we had Young Marine officers. California Regt. OCS class of 1986.....I retired as the Regimental Young Marine Commanding Officer under Charles B. Reintges National Director and Byron Haase National Director. Maj. Pindel USMC(Ret.) and Lloyd Reynolds (Ca. Regimental C.O. and X.O. and My unit was the Chosan Young Marines. I later returned to become the Unit Executive Officer and the Chaplain of the Chosan Detachment of the Marine Corps League. My Awards included Young Marine of the year(Regiment),Personal Commendation(National)Commendation of Merit(National),Life Saving 1st Degree and 18 other Service, Unit and MCL awards. I retired two months before my warrant for Young Marine Major would have arrived for my commissioning. I served for 6 years as a Young Marine and 3 years as an Adult staff/Executive Officer with the Chosan Young Marines that I joined as a kid in 1984.
To all the Young Marines in the Nation and overseas...good luck, work hard and be proud....Semper Fidelis. Feel Free to email me if you want Robert Moriarty Capt.(YM)Retired Chosan Young Marines Cal. Regiment of Young Marines Robert Moriarty
My Unit is Retired Young Marine; Former Marine
Whittier, Ca USA -