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Young Marines knowledge Quiz

1. Where was the first Young Marines Unit formed ?
Quantico Virginia
Washington DC
Waterbury Connecticut

2. Young Marines Birthday ?
Nov. 10-1775
Oct. 17-1965

3. What is the Highest Young Marine Award ?
Distinguished Service Award
Achievement Award
Perfect Attendance Award

4. Scence decpicted on a Young Marines Shoulder Patch ?
Iwo Jima

5. Who is the Young Marines National Director ?
Lt/Col Michael B. Kessler
Major Samuel Nicholas
General Charles Krulak

6. Where does a Young Marine Mark it's cover ?
in the back
center back inside on sweat band
in the middle of the back

7. Name the ribbon recieved at bootcamp Graduation ?
Basic Ribbon
Achievement Ribbon
Leadership Ribbon

8. Meaning of Esprit de Corps ?
Always fight and win
Readiness for action and courage
fight to for honor

9. A Young Marines chest Patch is how far above the breast pocket ?
1/4 inch
1/3 inch
1/8 inch

10. What is the meaning of Semper Fidelis ?
faithful always
always faithful
faithful to the corps

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