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As author of this Web Page,I dedicated this, to all Young Marines through out our Country and over seas, our, Retired and Active Military Personnel Staff along with Concern Parents,other Volunteers and our Community. That we have gave 110 % to the Young Marine Program and all of the achievements of making this possible today. I want give each one you a heart felt"Thank You" for continue to make the stride forward.
Written By Young Marine Lcpl.Tovey, Cassandra A Semper Fi~

~Once a Young Marine Always A Young Marine~

Young Marines Forever Tradition

A Young Marines Tradition will continue to be carried down since the beginning of Waterbury, Connecticut Young Marines Unit that formed in 1958 that tradition of the Young Marines have had been respectfully pass on as it started. When recruits from different Young Marine Units have their own Graduation days and another graduate class made it through bootcamp, that title of Young Marine stood before them, Feeling within our soul and glowing with achievement of completing something, and hearing for the first time from your Commanding Officer -Congratulation Young Marines-You have met all aspect of training by earning and being able to bear the title of Young Marines on your uniform.

After that, speech nothing will never be the same as when you once begin. It taught you a different out look on life. It showed how there was no limitation to where you want to go or be. It gave you more of reach towards goals you might had or never consider until now. The training taught how to be more of control of situation and how the discipline have molded us into more responsible of carry on tasks and carrying them out. The leaderships we learned how to work together as team to get things done in a proper manner. We also gain the closeness to each Young Marine as apart of our family unit. By looking out for each other's welfare rather , you are on Drill or away. Young Marines our role models for youths, Each and everyone of us our countries future young American's and by each continue help gain this positive direction to other youths and along within the community by volunteering for Toys for Tots , Harvest for Hungry ,and anywhere else that someone asks for our service.

Where we will be look up by others in respectful manner, By continuing this direction of a healthy up living. You and as while I shall always up hold this commitment to our Young Marine Obligation .We as United States Young Marines shall always carry on the traditions as others as left before us to carry on with honor. We will continue to carry the title with Pride and Honor for the future Young Marines that one-day will follow within our footsteps. Being able to withhold on a tradition that has been carried on for over 223 years by the United States Marine Corps. It's a privilege of honor that each one of us that have earn to bear on their tradition by making our own history with the United States Young Marines. Becoming a Young Marine was not something that happens over night for either of us.

It is along process of restless 13 weeks of hard discipline and training. By concern, caring retired and active Military staff that took the time for us by teaching, guiding and disciplining us. We will continue to give our thanks and appreciation for continuing to keep this country alive and also the wisdom of their knowledge and making us who we stand today. United States Young Marines and some of us might walk a different path toward life and others might continue to walk forward as one -

The Few, The Proud, The United States Marines.