Greater Cleveland Ohio Young Marines
Recruiting Page

Bootcamp is now open for new enlistment are now available.
Be free to contact the Commanding Officer for the staff can make arrangements for you and child/ren vist..
Contact:Commanding Officer Ret.Col.A.Herrington(440) 926.1400
Email Address:Greater Cleveland Young Marines
Greater Cleveland Young Marines hold their drills 3rd/4th. weekends (Sat&Sun)
of each month from 8:30-3.30 p.m..

Youth membership is open to all youths (male and female) ages 8 through High School and are serious of a commitment. The program focuses on character building and leadership and promotes a healthy and drug-free life style.

Young Marines "Boot Camp"

Welcome Recruits!!!!
This is DI Chesty Bulldog ! Watch out....sometimes he bites!!
Is it Chesty??

The Young Marines training begins with the recruit training period, which usually consists of 26 hours or more if needed of training over the course of approximately last weekend of the each month.
This training instill a sense of pride and personal accomplishment. During this period, Young Marine Recruits must master the following basic skills and instructed on Young Marines topics such as:
  • Basic Close Order Drill

  • General Young Marines Knowledge

  • Know Unit CO

  • Know Unit XO

  • Know Unit Senior Young Marine

  • Military Terms

  • Individual and military courtesies

  • Young Marine Rank Structure

  • Discipline Structure

  • Discipline and citizenship

  • Uniform and Uniform Maintenance

  • Personal Appearance/Personal Hygiene

  • The Young Marines Obligation and Young Marines Creed

  • Young Marines Hymn,Pledge Allegiance,General Orders.

  • Additionally, Recruits can have no more than 3 excused absenses from recruit training .
    Must meet all aspect of training Upon successful completion of boot camp, the youth earn the distinguished title of Young Marine and are assigned to a regular platoon. Young Marines boot camp does not resemble the U.S. Marine Corps' boot camp.
    Unit Activities

    Young Marine Activities include:

  • After Graduated from Boot/a YM will be assigned to either 3rd or 4th Weekend of each Month Drills

  • Community Service example-TOYS FOR TOTS,Harvest for Hungary,March of Dimes and etc..

  • Participation in parades

  • Drug Resistance Education

  • Physical Fitness

  • Outdoor Activities

  • Encampments

  • National Young Marines Schools -Example-CIVIL WAR ADVENTURE,SPACE ACADEMY Adventure and when you move up in rank as such Lance Corporal or above You have can attend Jr. and Senior Leadership Schools ect...and much more.